Texans Must Like Alaska!

I recall when we first made the long trip to Alaska from Texas we saw a lot of other vehicles with "TX 2 AK" or "Alaska or Bust!" and they had Texas license plates :o)

These past few weeks, we have had a few friends visit us from Texas! Josh's friend J.P. got to visit us for almost 2 days. He had spent two weeks with another LETU friend south of Anchorage, but on his return trip to get back to the Anchorage airport, J.P. got to hang out with Josh. They went out to the Moose's Tooth - a must if you ever visit Alaska! And they went kayaking on Wasilla Lake. And J.P. even had the priviledge of visiting our church :o) Let's just say that the greeters did their jobs and made it clear that they wanted him to come back! J.P. was commissioned into the Marine Corps this May. Please keep him in your prayers as he serves our God and country.


This last Sunday, we had the priviledge of visiting with Mr. and Mrs. B at our apartment in Alaska! They also were visiting LeTourneau contacts and enjoying the sights of Alaska. They were great mentors to us both in college and have been lifting us up in prayer faithfully! We definitely are grateful for their insight and friendship. We hope they enjoy the rest of their visit! And summer vacation! It's truly been a blessing to see our friends from Texas :o)


On Monday, Josh and I took the afternoon and went to Eklutna Lake and kayaked! It was beautiful! The water looked tropical torquois, but chilly to the touch. After paddling around, and enjoying a snack as well as reading a good book on the lake, we decided that we should head back. Lucky for us, the wind picked up :o) I wish we could have had someone recording our return trip. Josh was a machine! The wind was blowing against us at 30 kts but Josh was fighting back at 60 kts and I felt like I had a motor behind me! Every now and then, I would laugh because I didn't know which side to paddle on -- Josh was too fast! After kayaking, we also enjoyed skipping rocks and walking around the creek that flowed into the lake. It was the perfect day at Eklutna lake!



Josh found out today, that TOMORROW at 6AM, he will fly out to Kotzebue for the day! I am also expecting an interview call in the next day or so. Thank you for your prayers!
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  1. What an adventurous day on the lake? Since you haven't posted anything about the job possibilities since the June 22 post, I'm wondering what is happening. The letter you sent didn't mentoin the specifics you have shared on your blog. Are you going to Kotzebue?