This is turning out to be a much longer, steeper hike! But Beautiful!

The mountain sides reminded us of the Sound of Music with beautiful wildflowers growing. We also saw a man parachute off the summit! Now that's my way to get down! It's rather smart to save your knees too!




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This was one of those trails that if I would have known how long and how steep, I may have said, "Maybe another day." But sense your mind doesn't know exactly how hard this is going to be, we are in luck! Let's take that next step and that next step! And as we kept going, it got a bit chillier with even snow up top!

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  1. At least you two are young enough and healthy enough to do this kind of hiking. We couldn't do it ourselves, though. So you guys check out all the hikes so that whenever we get there, you'll know the ones we can handle. OK?